Auto Accident Check List

Car Accident Checklist

Being in a motor vehicle accident can leave you feeling confused, shaken, angry or scared. Having a car accident checklist on hand can make the situation less stressful so you can get the important information you need.

Keep the below car accident checklist in the glove compartment of your vehicle(s) by clicking here for a downloadble and printable PDF.

Be Prepared

The following items should be kept in your car in case of a car accident:

  • Driver’s license. Carry it with you — on your person, whenever you operate a vehicle.
  • Vehicle registration. You are required by law to have this in the car at all times.
  • Insurance documentation, including your carrier, policy number, and the phone number to call in case of an emergency.
  • A flashlight
  • A disposable camera or camera phone so that you can take photos of damages and the accident scene.
  • A mobile/cell phone
  • First Aid Kit, water, flare, flat fix-it kit, etc.
  • Auto accident information form (see below) to record notes and information about the accident.
  • Paper and pencil to exchange contact information with the other driver.

At the Accident

  • Try to remain calm! Take a few deep breaths.
  • Stop your car — whether the accident involves a pedestrian, a moving car, a parked car or someone’s property. If you drive away, you could be charged with “hit and run,” and the penalties for a “hit and run” are severe.
  • If you are blocking traffic in a dangerous place, pull off to the side of the road or into a well-lighted parking lot.
  • Turn off your vehicle’s engine and either wait for assistance or, if it is safe, step out of your car.
  • Are you or your passengers injured? Check and seek medical assistance immediately if necessary. Use your cell phone to call 911 (Emergency) and ask for an ambulance if you believe you need medical attention.
  • Use the Auto Accident Information form (below) to exchange names, addresses, license numbers and insurance information with all parties involved in the accident. Gather information on any witnesses who may have seen the accident. Note the weather, road and lighting conditions, and any other pertinent details. Get as much information as you can.
  • Be courteous and tactful to all parties.
  • Make sure your thoughts are clear before you make any statements to the police.
  • Avoid making statements about responsibility to the other driver, witnesses, police or anyone else. Don’t accept fault, even if you believe the accident may have been your fault.
  • Do not contact your insurance company until you have your thoughts clear and have gathered all the pertinent accident information. Once you and your vehicle are at Wenzel’s Auto Body we will be glad to help you submit your insurance claim.
  • If you are able, take pictures of the damage to your car and the area of the accident. Use a camera/cell phone or the disposable camera in your car.
  • Assist the police with their official report. Confirm that you and your passengers were wearing seat belts.
  • Call Wenzels Auto Body at 508-563-6931 for assistance with towing, transportation, insurance claims reporting, a rental car, and repairs to your vehicle.

After the Accident

  • Do not drive your car if it is unsafe. If you can safely drive your vehicle, bring it to Wenzel’s Auto Body as soon as possible.
  • If you cannot drive your car or if you are not sure if it is safely operable, call Wenzel’s Auto Body. Wenzel’s Auto Body can assist you with towing, transporting you and your passengers to safety, handling the insurance claim, renting a car (if necessary), and repairing damages to your car.
  • You are not required by law to obtain three estimates on the damages.
  • You have the right to go to the repair shop of your choice. Your insurance company or the other drivers insurance cannot require you to go to a particular repair shop.
  • Differences in repair estimates are common. It is your vehicle, you deserve the highest quality repairs. Read the fine print and consider carefully before you accept the lowest repair estimate. Once your vehicle is repaired you are the only one who will live with the repairs.